Sporty Slot Machines and Why Sports Make for Such Great Video Games

Sporty Slot Machines and Why Sports Make for Such Great Video Games


What’s particularly interesting about sports is that for such a physical recreational activity, it has a nasty habit of turning up in the east physically challenging of places. Whether it’s the continued popularity of video games based on football or motor racing, the phenomenon of fantasy football leagues or collecting merchandise of your favourite team, a huge part of being a sports fan requires no more physical activity than your average music or comic book fan.

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One of the most interesting places that sports have shown up are in casino games – especially those at Shifting sports to other kinds of gaming makes perfect sense when you think about it – which, again, probably explains why sporting games are among some of the most popular ever, despite not having very much to do with actually going outside and kicking a ball or getting into the ring – so why should online casino games be exempt.

Video slot machines are particularly well suited to bringing the sporty side of life to casino sites like as sports icons, both in the form of your favourite players or things like soccer balls, tennis rackets or boxing gloves, slip so easily into the format of slot games that mix symbols, videos, graphics and sounds to create a full gaming experience.

And yet, it’s unquestionably the way that sports makes such great video games that is most intriguing. Head on over to a major gaming store like and you will find shelves of games where you can play as your favourite tennis player, take control of your favourite football team or go head to head with the fiercest boxers in the history of the sport.

And yet, sports really shouldn’t make for the best video games when you consider just how removed it is from playing the real thing. Admittedly, this has changed quite a bit since the invention of consoles like the Nintendo Wii, which has the ability to create much more physical virtual gaming experiences – and with the creation of virtual reality machines that are soon to be made available at major video game retailers like

More than that, once you consider that video games allows you to explore whole new worlds, play as your favourite superhero in or fly an X-Wing startfighter, how can doing something as basically mundane as playing sports possibly hold a candle to it? And yet, it does, and quite handsomely so. See, there’s one thing kicking a ball around with a friend but it’s quite another to get a chance to play, even virtually, with your favourite team in or even to manage the whole team.

This isn’t to say that sports games should ever or could ever replace the real deal but there’s something amazing about the fact that, as time goes on, virtual and real sporting are starting to come closer and closer together. Playing in your favourite football team with the aid of a joystick and a TV screen is all well and good but just imagine when it gets to the point that, through VR, it will actually feel like you’re part of the team! At this rate, will anyone ever go outside again?